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Sino Lab Development (SLD) is a professional service provider focusing on lab planning, construction and process monitoring, project acceptance, operations management, lab certification/accreditation and other lab solutions. The company has professional contracting qualification for building furnishing and decoration engineering, professional contracting qualification for electromechanical installation engineering of buildings, and is the first to compile the book in the field of lab construction in China - "Lab Overall Solutions" (ISBN 978-7-5537-9460-0), published by Jiangsu Phoenix Science Press. Headquartered in Shenzhen, SLD has 18 holding subsidiaries and owns its own laboratories in Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanchang, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Kunming, Nanning and Urumqi.

The founding team mainly comes from two major fields of expertise.

Lab certification/accreditation review, consultation and training experience started in 1999

The rich technical advantages of lab construction and operation started in 2002. SAG was established in March 2011, and its 11 laboratories have passed CMA certification and CNAS accreditation.


SLD can make full use of the above two areas of experience to avoid reconstruction, rebuilding and failure to pass CNAS accreditation, CMA certification, “Approval for Establishment of Medical Institutions” and “Practicing License for Medical Institutions” caused by unreasonable early lab planning.

Core Team
Yuanxuan RaoChairman and General Manager
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Master's Supervisor

IRCA Registered Auditor

Founder of JIU Inspection in SAG

Founder of SLD Inspection Laboratory Technology

Pengfei ChenDeputy General Manager and Director of Technology
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Master of Engineering

IRCA Registered Auditor

CNAS/CMA Review Expert

16 Years of Lab Planning and Construction/Certification Consulting and Training Experience

Yingying XuDirector of Marketing Center
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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Good English communication skills

Arrow Electronics, a former US top 200 company

7 years customer service experience

Hao YiDirector of Design Center
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Bachelor of engineering

National registered builder

He used to work for China's second largest electronics construction company

Rich practical experience in laboratory process requirement and design

Dongxia ZhangDirector of Operations Center
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Master's Degree

Good communication skills in English

has served as the director of operation of domestic well-known testing group

8 years of market development and channel management experience

Yanping XuDirector of the Administrative Personnel Center
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Proficiency in six modules of human resources management

Six years'experience in administrative personnel management

Have original opinions on the recruitment of talents for the construction of enterprise culture