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Environmental Monitoring Lab

Environmental monitoring is a comprehensive qualitative, quantitative and systematic analysis of pollutants and their related components by means of physical, chemical and biological technology, aiming at exploring and studying the changing law of environmental quality. The task of environmental monitoring laboratory is to identify and test the composition of pollutants in environmental samples, and to study the nature, composition and structure of environmental quality in a certain historical period and a certain space.

Main Testing Items:
Environmental Monitoring LabNotes on Construction:

1. In graphic design, the doors of general laboratories are mainly open inward, but considering safety factors, if there is a room with explosion danger, the door should be open outward, and the material of the door should be pressure glass.

2. Classification of conventional, inorganic, organic and biological laboratories should be considered in the layout of environmental monitoring laboratories. At the same time, the laboratories and offices should be reasonably separated.

3. When designing the internal electronic control system, it is necessary to specify the special power point of the laboratory above 3Kw, because the power of many instruments and equipments in the environmental monitoring laboratory is higher, generally above 6Kw.

4. General environmental monitoring laboratories will have special rooms such as refrigeration room, sterile room, BOD constant temperature and humidity room, ICP-MS room, gas cylinder room, olfaction room and so on, which need special design.

Environmental Monitoring LabSolutions:
Environmental Monitoring LabSite selection
  • Site selection research
  • Ensure passing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and fire inspection
  • Meet the special needs of labs
Environmental Monitoring LabPlanning and design:
Environmental Monitoring LabPlanning and Design Module
Environmental Monitoring LabPlanning and design process
  • Project start-up
  • Communication for needs
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Plan design
  • Preliminary design
  • Construction drawing design
  • Re-check of design review
  • Cost budget
Environmental Monitoring LabLab Furnishing and Construction:
Environmental Monitoring LabCNAS Accreditation Consultation
Environmental Monitoring Labdecoration construction process
  • Project start-up
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Drawings review
  • Planned construction of specialties
  • Completion acceptance
  • Completion settlement
  • Warranty
Environmental Monitoring LabFurniture
  • Furniture customization

    Brand, size, material, color, etc.

  • Detailed quotation of furniture
  • After-sales furniture maintenance
Environmental Monitoring LabMain instruments in
Environmental Monitoring LabQualification application:
Environmental Monitoring LabQualification Application Module
Environmental Monitoring LabQualification application process
  • field investigation
    Gap analysis
  • Submit evaluation
  • management system
    Import preparation
  • Management system
  • System operation and
  • Internal audit and
    management review
  • Application submission
  • Site review
  • Certificate receipt
  • Follow-up service
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