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Metrology Calibration Lab

ISO 1OO12-1 "Quality Assurance Requirements for Metrological Testing Equipment" defines "calibration" as a set of operations to determine the relationship between the values represented by a measuring instrument or measuring system, or the values represented by a physical measuring instrument or reference material and the known values of the corresponding measurements under specified conditions. Metrology is an activity to realize the unity of units and the accuracy and reliability of measurement value. In other words, it is measurements aimed at achieving unity of units and accuracy and reliability of quantities.

Main Testing Items:
Metrology Calibration LabNotes on Construction:

1. Metrological calibration and testing is a precise measurement work. In various testing procedures, there are corresponding requirements for laboratory vibration, ground load, sound, electromagnetic radiation, temperature and humidity and other technical indicators. Therefore, in order to reduce the increased investment to meet these technical indicators, special attention should be paid to site selection.

2. Special requirements of special laboratories should be considered when determining the area of land use, such as some laboratories should be well grounded separately, and the grounding end should be far away from buildings; acoustic laboratories should be built separately to keep away from vibration; high voltage laboratories should ensure safe high voltage discharge distance, and so on.

3. In determining the land area, the reserved area for later development should be considered. With the rapid development of metrology calibration industry, testing items and testing equipment are constantly updated and increased. In order to better meet the testing needs, sufficient space should be reserved for later construction in the early planning stage.

Metrology Calibration LabSolutions:
Metrology Calibration LabSite selection
  • Site selection research
  • Ensure passing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and fire inspection
  • Meet the special needs of labs
Metrology Calibration LabPlanning and design:
Metrology Calibration LabPlanning and Design Module
Metrology Calibration LabPlanning and design process
  • Project start-up
  • Communication for needs
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Plan design
  • Preliminary design
  • Construction drawing design
  • Re-check of design review
  • Cost budget
Metrology Calibration LabLab Furnishing and Construction:
Metrology Calibration LabCNAS Accreditation Consultation
Metrology Calibration Labdecoration construction process
  • Project start-up
  • Site reconnaissance
  • Drawings review
  • Planned construction of specialties
  • Completion acceptance
  • Completion settlement
  • Warranty
Metrology Calibration LabFurniture
  • Furniture customization

    Brand, size, material, color, etc.

  • Detailed quotation of furniture
  • After-sales furniture maintenance
Metrology Calibration LabMain instruments in
Metrology Calibration LabQualification application:
Metrology Calibration LabQualification Application Module
Metrology Calibration LabQualification application process
  • field investigation
    Gap analysis
  • Submit evaluation
  • management system
    Import preparation
  • Management system
  • System operation and
  • Internal audit and
    management review
  • Application submission
  • Site review
  • Certificate receipt
  • Follow-up service
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