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The lab overall solutions refer to the integration of lab site selection, planning and design, construction, process monitoring, acceptance, operation management and lab certification/accreditation in accordance with the assessment requirements of China National Accreditation of Laboratories and relevant qualification standards.

Chinese name:实验室整体解决方案 In English:Laboratory Overall Solutions
Originate from: Sino Lab Development (SLD) Since: 2016
Traditional Lab Construction
Lab Overall Solutions
Long project delivery (over 24 months)
Project delivery
Short project delivery (about 6 to 10 months)
Coordinating with many service providers, high communication costs.
Integrated service, saving up to 30% operating costs in the early period
Fail to understand the requirements of assessment, blindly carry out construction
Planning and construction in accordance with lab assessment requirements.
Qualification assessment is not passed, requiring rectification and reconstruction.
Know about assessment requirements in advance to get the certificate smoothly.
Classic case
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Service Process
Demand confirmation
Project design
Professional follow-up

Drawing design

Personnel training

Construction and furnishing

System introduction

Project acceptance

Internal audit and management review

Site assessment
Qualification received
After-sales archiving
Actual combat experience

The founder of SLD has been involved in the lab industry since 1999 and established the Sino Assessment Group (SAG) in 2011 with 11 laboratories across the country. He led a team of technical experts with extensive experience in lab building, certification consulting, and operations management for more than 100 customers from the food, environment, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, electric and electronics, agriculture, forestry, water affairs, metrology and calibration industries, such as Peking University First Hospital, the Beijing Genomics Institute, Guangdong Institute for Drug Control, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanxi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., SGS, Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection. Its services cover lab site selection, design planning, construction, certification consultation, operation management and have been well received by customers.