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SLD has successfully signed an overall solution for R & D and testing laboratory of Yihong h
2019 -10 -31

     In September 2019, after nearly half a year of in-depth communication between the teams of the two sides, SLD and Zhejiang Yihong health signed a cooperation agreement on the overall solution of the laboratory. The main services include the laboratory site survey, design planning, construction decoration, project supervision and acceptance services. The laboratory is mainly engaged in research, development and testing of biopharmaceuticals. The project is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


     Yihong health is a professional sales and operation enterprise specializing in gene detection technology, cell application and biological resource storage, and provides health management services centered on personal genome detection. It is mainly aimed at cancer detection of healthy people, risk of genetic diseases and targeted drug use of cancer patients. Through high-throughput sequencing, chip detection, big data analysis and comparison, personalized interpretation report is formed to guide people to carry out targeted disease prevention. For the high-end anti-aging service system, personalized intervention scheme can be developed through gene interpretation report to change the current sub-health status. Biological samples can also be collected and stored in the liquid nitrogen tank of minus 196 degrees for future use. Among them, life bank can process and store samples of cells, tissues and organs, which plays a key role in disease prediction, diagnosis and treatment.